Attention: Beards are Good for Your Health


A research revealed that men with beards are less likely to harbor contaminating, resistant to antibiotics, bacteria compared to clean – shaven men. Regardless of how contradictory this might sound.

According to this research published in “Journal of Hospital Infection”, the faces of 408 healthcare professional were examined, with and without beards, and it was proved that the clean – shaven men are more likely to develop the bacterium MRSA on their cheeks, a bacterium that causes infections οn the skin and it is methicillin resistant.

“Of course bacteria are growing in an environment such as a beard” Dr. Adam Roberts – British Scientist from University College of London – says, “but these bacteria produce toxins that kill the other (bacteria) and these toxins  are used for the manufacture of new antibiotics.”

It is remarkable the fact that no new antibiotics have been released in the last 30 years.

sources: dailymail, rt