Swedish electro band Kate Boy released their first EP titled Northern Lights earlier this year, following the tradition that the Scandinavian peninsula is one of the best providers of contemporary electro music. Avoiding giving a lot of interviews and info about them, the Swedish quartet mentions that musically, they’re interested in updating the classic 70s/80s sounds of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush with what today’s technology has to offer. After their excellent previous singles Northern Lights and In Your Eyes, the next step for Kate Boy comes with the single The Way We Are, a bouncy track with impressive synths and Knife-y vocals by the extraordinary lead singer Kate Akhurts. A music video was released yesterday, following their familiar black and white, androgynous, minimalistic mood, while they are also launching their first USA and European tour on the 6th of June. Remember their name, since, hopefully, we’re going to hear some great things from them during the year.