#ozonstyle was a little late this time, but we are in the midst of our upcoming, renewed issue, which is set to release in a few days.

As always, we chose the best photos, of those you shared with us. We hope everyone is happy and all we ask of you is keep showing us the best moments of your week on instagram with the hashtag #ozonstyle.

Cu next week!



Never miss a chance to dance. fofien


selfportrait victorialex314


sunday bloody sunday nota_marra

The never ending summer... thelilwhitebird

Καλημέρα  alexdallas23

Όχι ποτέ δε φταίει η ραπτομηχανή πάντα εσύ κάνεις λάθος jen_avr

Το παν είναι να βρεθεί το σημείο επαφής. galateiabld