While companies such as Samsung and Qualcomm try to conquer the market with their smartwatches , a new company seeks to create a even smaller smart accessory, a smart ring.

The Smarty Ring, as it is called, is a tiny device that promises to perform many of your smartphone’s actions while it’s a unisex style accessory.

Smarty Ring, that has already raised the necessary funding  through IndieGoGo, has a small LED screen that shows time, works as a timer and informs you about all the notifications that you get on your phone while it can also be used as a tracker in case you can’t find your smartphone. The smart ring is designed with 3 discrete buttons that give the opportunity to the user to interact with his phone from distance. The user will be able to answer or reject calls, call preset numbers, trigger the camera and control the music.

More information you can find in the following video:

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