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Well, it really is a war. The pandemic has violently created an unprecedented battlefield, with front lines, millions of casualties and everything. A Canadian design studio took the notion of war quite literally and in the search of courage to get through these coronavirus times, it has found inspiration in old PSA posters from World War II. Shawn Murenbeeld, Creative Director at Touchwood Design, has spoken to Ozon about the repurposed design of some iconic images that we have been always connecting to another dark period of history.

Sometimes you just don’t want to see another action movie. You need a connection to reality, you feel the need to find answers about things that bother you – or that you are just curious about. The documentary genre comes to the rescue those nights, offering at times surprisingly fascinating perspectives of real life and larger-than-life situations and characters. From what’s fresh in documentaries this year, we’ve gathered the best; from Britney Spears to Billie Eilish and from the years of Martin Luther King Jr. to the era of Donald Trump, Ozon’s list has got a suggestion for every interest!