Is This Bjork’s Quirkiest Photo Shoot To Date?


When Bjork collaborates with photographer Nick Knight, the outcome is always impressive. When the witty styling of Katy England and the handmade masks of make up artist Peter Phillips for Dior house are also included, you can’t help looking forward for what you are about to see.

In February, “AnOther Magazine” became 15 years old and for “The Party Issue”, in one of its five different covers, it hosts Bjork, photographed by Nick Knight. The photographs that accompany her interview to comedian Julia Davis are at least seductive. With garments from the SS16 collections of Comme des Garçons, Ann Demeulemeester and Gareth Pugh, Bjork was transformed into a post punk gothic heroine, emerging from a romantic, kinky, Japanese fairy tale.

Apparently, it is not the first time that Bjork collaborated with Nick Knight. Who can forget the video he did for “Pagan Poetry” (with the topless Mc Queen dress hanging from pearls sewn in the skin) or the cover of “Homogenic”, whose art direction has the signature of Alexander Mc Queen?

Bjork / Nick Knight FACTS (that you probably never heard of):

1. The cover of “Homogenic” was the first shot, the very first day of that photo shoot.

2. “Pagan Poetry” is Bjork’s (artistic and disguised) “sex tape” with her partner of that time, Matthew Barney. She asked Nick Knight to make a video about her love life and he gave her a Sony Mini DV camera, asking her to film her intimate moments. The video, except for pearls sewn in the skin, contains fellatio and ejaculation animated scenes and was therefore banned from MTV America: