Dolphin Died, because Everyone Wanted a Selfie…


It all started when a man pulled it out of the water with no apparent reason. Immediately, people gathered around it, so that everyone can take a selfie with the dolphin. It obviously overheated – having stayed too long out of the water, and died at the hands of the beachgoers, who did not stop taking pictures with it, even after its death ..

The above incident took place at a beach resort of Santa Teresita in Argentina and caused the immediate reaction of Argentine Wildlife Foundation, since the specific dolphin is endangered – only 30,000 of the species (La Plata or Franciscana) exist in the world, most of which are found in the seas of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

“The Telegraph” stated that in 2015 more people were killed taking selfies than from shark attacks. It seems that man – a proponent of the irrational and often careless use of technology, has now found a different way to be responsible for the death of innocent animals…