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The 14-year-old Boy that Helped Banksy


Following to the false alarm, according to which the British police had arrested Banksy past October, the renowned street artist’s name is once again at the forefront. According to a 14-year-old boy, Banksy seems to have given him a signed painting of his, that’s worth round 20.000 GPB, as a sign of gratitute for the kid’s help.

The incident is described like this: Banksy got out a piece of paper and had colours marked on it of what he had been trying out. He dropped his colours, so the boy helped him pick them up and so the unknown guy, that introduced himself as Robin Banks, gave him the painting saying: “Have a good life, brother.”

The young boy described Banksy as a middleaged blonde guy with scruffy clothes full of paint. He also declaired that he’s going to sell the painting.