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A Gathering – A Project By Maria Thaleia Karra and Olga Chatzidaki

Andreas Angelidakis, Your Constructions are a Gamble

Through pictures unique incidents are being unfold, bringing up powerful experiences and at the same time provoke emotions. With a focus on Greece, these artifacts-posters stand as the starting examples for the recovery of our historical memories and the redefinition of our identities and ideals. Contributing artists established artists from Greece as well as abroad, each poster consists the surface on which are depicted from personal lives to imaginary connotations concerning always Greece.

Banu Cennetoglu & Sylvia Kouvali, 0TT0, 2012, courtesy the artists

The ‘a gathering’ is a project under the curation of Maria Thaleia Karra and Olga Chatzidaki. This May the project will travel around different spots of Athens, which have a special historical and/or political importance and also, to various forms of media. From June and on, all the works will be exhibited at the building of Peiraios 260 during the Athens Festival. Afterwards, during October of 2012,the exhibition will be hosted by the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, as part of the events of the Invisible Cities for the celebration of 100 years from Salonica’s independence. OZON, in its next issue, will host an interview with the curators of the ‘a gathering’ which will be accompanied with some photos of their work by Daphne Anesti.