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ABSOLUT VODKA indroduces  ABSOLUT BLANK. In 2011, The Absolut Company launched a global creative movement featuring top artists from around the world known as ABSOLUT BLANK. ABSOLUT BLANK gave 20 artists an ABSOLUT blank bottle-shaped canvas, and asked them to fill it in with creativity. Dave Kinsey was one of the featured artists, back then and now he features an explosion of bright colors and darker-hued washes that reveal Kinsey’s roots as a street artist while highlighting his extraordinary fine art skill. It depicts something natural, a flower with the vibrancy and energy of the city. A striking antithesis in color and meaning.

“Dave Kinsey is a true living legend in the world of street art and design – and was a key figure in ABSOLUT BLANK from the beginning. We love his contemporary approach to traditional subjects. His great sophistication and urban edge is just right for ABSOLUT, and perfect for ABSOLUT VODKA BLANK EDITION.  Everything Kinsey does is bold, vibrant and filled with creative energy. That’s the spirit of ABSOLUT VODKA BLANK EDITION — and of the entire ABSOLUT brand. ” says Nodjame Fouad, Global Marketing Director at The Absolut Company.


“When ABSOLUT and I collaborated the first time around on ABSOLUT BLANK, what I loved was the project’s audacity and optimism – that twenty artists, together with ABSOLUT, might inspire a global creative movement. So when they asked me to create a bottle design for ABSOLUT VODKA BLANK EDITION, I was eager to do it. Lately I’ve been exploring the boundary between the emotional and the environmental, and this flower-inspired bottle reflects that,” says Dave Kinsey.

There are only 400.000 of the collective  bottle in 7 countries, amongst which Greece- in the same price as the regular bottle.