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Aggelos kyriou for OZON Raw: “I only see one color in the frame and that’s white.”


Aggelos kyriou never seems in a rush or in pursuit of something. He always looks like he’s watching something from a distance. He shares his thoughts through his music and texts that are never full of themselves, nor do they seek to insult. They just document, existing to make you think.

#1. Is Aggelos kyriou (Angel of the Lord) your real name?
Aggelos was the name my parents gave me and Kyriou mas given to me by one of my friends’ grandfather after the very first talk we ever had. I was born in 1980 and grew up in a village called Kamari, in Korinthia.

#2. How would you describe your music?
It’s a combination of sounds and text. If I was to call it music, I’d call it chamber music, since I record everything in the room I sleep and live in.

#3. What are your influences and the first sounds you heard?
As far as the first sounds I recall are concerned, it was music from “Mormoli” a children’s play that I had on tape. My influences are people who have taught me to listen and obviously music itself.

#4. When did you start recording your work? What do you hope to gain through publishing it in your blog?
I started recording at the start of the 00s, when I was in Patras, around the same time I began working with MrCantFind, a band that is still around today. Obviously I recorded everything quite differently then, so I’d say that I didn’t truly start until I moved to Athens.
I don’t really want to gain anything by posting everything on my blog. I record and present what I record, I’m sharing it, not selling it, I don’t consider it my property, I don’t live for it, I don’t make a living from it, nor would I want to. I live and there’s that as well.

#5. Besides your music, you also write. Your writing is very unique. You flood your reader with images and feelings. Who or what does your writing fight for?
It’s something that has been forced upon me in a way and operates as is. It doesn’t fight, or contest, it doesn’t try and break, or overcome or overpower, I’m just happy it happens and I’m happy when other people like it.

#6. If you were to put a happy person with artistic interests in a frame and created an image of him, what would he look like?
I can only see one color for the frame and what’s inside it and that’s white. I’d do the same for a person who wasn’t as happy or actually not happy at all. The difference or similarity is down to the eye that sees it, or down to the distance it’s being observed from, at least that’s what I think right now.

Interview by Dimitris Kousoulas, Shot by Haralampos Giannakopoulos