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Altered Magazine Covers by Christopher Coppers

Belgian artist, Christopher Coppers is a destructive creator who has a love-hate relationship with fashion. Christopher violently carves fashion or beauty magazines, transforming them into sculptures, giving them a second purpose, a second life.

Source: Booooooom

Christopher Coppersis a who is based in Brussels. His current work consists, for a large part, of interventions, either with, within or on magazines. Construction and deconstruction are important key elements in his art. He has by now used many different magazines as his medium, for the most fashion related ones. Some examples are: Elle, Vogue, BEople, Playboy,View magazine, Vanity Fair and ID fashion magazine.
He Combines his love for printed matter with an obvious urge for creative distortion or destruction. extremely careful and diligent revisits these magazines, he dramatically reinterprets the original covers by intricately carving them and so transforming them into sculptures. By doing this he gives them a second purpose, a second life. with a chainsaw.