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An abandoned apartment in Paris revealed a great tresure


An abandoned apartment in Paris revealed a great historic treasure hidden inside.

From 1942, the apartment that is located on the Right Bank of Paris near the Opéra Garnier, remained closed and untouched till very recently an auctioneer entered it and found its valuable content.

The house belonged to the French Madame de Florian who was then an actress and a socialite. During the Word War II the wealthy homeowner fled to the south of France where she remained. One reason for which the apartment is so perfectly preserved is that Madame de Florian continued paying the rent until her death in case she wanted to return, even though she never did.

The “time-capsule” that was discovered in the apartment is a significant sample of the wealthy life in Paris during that time. In the interior a lot of things were found, including ornate furniture, paintings, books, music sheets and many of the owner’s personal items. Also, an embalmed ostrich was found that was then a sign of affluence and a painting by Giovanni Boldini depicting Madame de Florian herself that was sold for 2.1 million Euros.