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Anne Lindberg’s Parallel World


This installation by Anne lindberg gives the impression of a light beam or a wave. But in no chance, woul anyone imagine it is made of threads. The 51-year-old artist does not limit herself to these installations, but she is also painting, making sculptures, designing architectural installations, taking photos. What is really impressive, is that her identity is recognizable, no matter the practice.

For her installations, she is “linking” two surfaces with parallel threads. In some of her paintings, she is using threads -again- which are also parallel, and for others, she is drawing lines with different graphite pencils, with the help of an architectural parallel bar. We could say that the key-word is Geometric Parallelism.

The Iowa-born artist states that her work as systemic, and non-representational. She is inserting her materials in this system, by changing frequence, rhythm and multi-layering. She is aiming to physiological functions of the human body, such as heartbeat, respiration. She is considering her art as a mirror of herself and how she lives the world, that is surrounding her.

She has participated in multiple exhibitions in the USA and Norway, since 1987. For the time being, she is preparing an exhibition, entitled Landscape, Abstracted for the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, while in 2015, she will be taking part to the group Ley Lines at the University of Wyoming Art Museum. She has also gained a lot of awards, most recent of which was by the Painters & Sculptors Joan Mitchell in 2011.

Anne Lindberg,