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Are designer groceries tastier?

Designer Groceries Question Our Relationship With Brands
Peddy Mergui is an alternative contemporary designer already on to his new exhibition, titled “Wheat Is Wheat Is What: Peddy Mergui” hosted by the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco. The designer tries to raise some profound questions about the way we perceive luxury and reflect our deepest desires, the ones that drive us through everyday life. Mergui changed the brand language of common products, and aims to help us figure out what is: right, awkward, grotesque, etc. based on appearances.
How much more attractive a Tiffany & Co. labeled yoghurt or a Vercace wrapped egg carton actually is? What are we really obtaining when we buy luxurious and brand name products? Why don’t everyday items look as good when it can?

Mergui is certain that “the seduction will present us with a mirror into ourselves.”