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The Art Athina insights and the pop-up summer edition you should visit!

The Art Athina International Art Fair of Athens launched in June 19th a pop -up summer edition as a prelude to the autumnal opening in September exhibition which will take place at Zappeion Megaron.

The pop-up summer edition is an initiative of the artistic director Stamatia Dimitrakopoulos who gathered Avant – garde international galleries: Loyal Gallery (Stockholm) participates with Jim Thorell, while Soft Opening (London) presents artists Alix Vernet and Ryan Driscoll. Vienna based gallery Sophie Tappeiner hosts the photographer Sophie Thun (supported by the Austrian Embassy) and the sculptor Sydney Shen. Finally, Zeller Van Almsick (Vienna), also from the Austrian capital presents the work of Jonny Niesche. This initiative is realised with the support of the Municipality of Athens and Athens Culture Net.

Courtesy: Zeller Van Almsick Gallery

For the first time the Zeller Van Almsick gallery comes to Athens to present the solo show of Jonny Niesche. The gallery is based in Vienna presenting a lineup of international emerging artists. Since its beginning, Zeller Van Almsick gallery, has been focused to showing contemporary art across all mediums. The Athenian public has the opportunity to view a series of paintings by Jonny Niesche. His artistic practice includes minimal paintings and sculptures as an outcome of the abstract tradition. Jonny Niesche creates his own reality in relation to our perception of an art work. His works actually follow the effect of mirroring which interacts between the viewer and the object. He achieves an excellence of form with a sleek result elaborating on the value of the flat surface which leads to an emotional impact. The works reveal an in-depth study into the notion of space, form and colour. The catalogue of Jonny Niesche, with the contribution of the highly acclaimed art critic Martin Herbert , is available at the space of Zeller Van Almsick gallery (second floor, Aiolou 48 building).

Courtesy: Zeller Van Almsick Gallery

In parallel, at the same building, 34 Greek galleries present a selection of works from their annual programme: a. antonopoulou., Agathi Kartalos, Alibi Gallery, Alma Contemporary Art Gallery, ArtPrisma, Astrolavos, CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery, Cheapart Citronne Gallery, Cube Gallery, Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti ks, ekfrasi-yianna grammatopoulou, Elika Gallery, EPsilon Art Gallery, Gallery “7” ,Gallery Ersi, Gallery Genesis , kaplanon5 art, Kappatos Gallery, Miharalias Art, Papatzikou Art Gallery ,PeriTechnon Karteris art gallery, Rebecca Camhi Gallery, Skoufa Gallery, Zina Athanasiadou Gallery, Art Appel Gallery, Art Ζone 42, The Breeder, Crux Galerie, Kalfayan Galleries, Rodeo, Artforum Gallery, Technohoros and Allouche Benias.

Art Athina Summer Pop Up
19-23 June 2019
Aiolou 48-50
Opening hours:
Thursday 20 June to Sunday 23 June: 13:00 – 21:00

Text by Katerina Nikou-independent curator