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Giants have squatted the brand new home of ATOPOS at Salaminos Str. 72 in Metaxourgio, doing nothing but sleeping with their eyes straight open! The Cultural Organization ATOPOS cvc launches its new space in Metaxourgio, Athens and invites you to discover it through the pioneering work of ShoboShobo. The visitor is invited to explore the entire building through the interventions and installations of the French artist, illustrator/painter Hehdii Hercberg, who stands behind SHOBOSHOBO. SHOBOSHOBO along with the artist Freeka will present the new character-duo of the Atopic Bodies [Two] project: A couple of loud Sianoise Twins!
The official opening of the new space and the launch of the exhibition ZZZzzzZZZZ will take place on November the 2nd at 20:00 hours with the presence of the artist and his 6 giants.

Exhibition ZZZzzzZZZ opening at 2 November 20:00, with the presence of the artist and his giants.

link: ShoboShobo, ATOPOS

sneak a peak here:
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