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From Church to Residence and Studio!

church harlem 6

This is not the first church to be turned into a residence. This one, however, seems kind of special. It is a creation of architect Henry Franklin Kilburn and it can be spotted in Harlem, New York, since 1887. For the last few decades, though, it has been abandoned. Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone managed to see a new perspective for this building. He imagined it as his own residence/workspace/gallery.

After buying it for $2.2 million, he asked architect Alicia Balocco to make his wish come true. So this vast space contains -apart from his own residence and studio- 2 apartments-guesthouses and 5 studios for guest artists, while the gallery hosts artwork of Urs Fischer, Sarah Lucas and Paul The. Rondinone wants to host art shows, open to the public, in the future.