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Colourful Memories: an Itay Ohaly installation that visitors can etch at the Design Museum Holon


Visitors of the Design Museum Holon can participate in the museum’s exhibits with their own way. Israeli designer Itay Ohaly offers them this opportunity with the interactive installation, Colourful Memories. Two black rooms are filled with colourful designs, that visitors can etch on the walls and black furniture, as well.

The 35-year-old designer, remembers his childhood and the first techniques he has learnt. Firstly, he is painting the MDF boards and the furniture with different colours, and between them and the black dye, he is applying oil. The latter layer ensures that the black colour will be easily removed, without destroying the colours underneath.

One of the two rooms is available to the visitors in order to make their own experiments, while the second one is curated by the artist himself. He is aiming at revealing this childish technique’s potential. His etches are completed thanks to a CNC, an electronic cutting device.

Itay Ohaly’s installation is a part of the exhibition Playing at the Design Museum Holon, which is scheduled to run until June 7th.

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