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CROSS-KOREA: Come Join Us, Mr. Orwell!

Jubany - CAI 2009

The National Museum for Contemporary Art recently launched the new collaboration with the online Streaming Museum, based in New York, with the online exhibition “CROSS-KOREA: Come Join Us, Mr. Orwell!”. The National Museum for Contemporary Art’s new online exhibition will be presented on the 1st of September until the 18th of October 2009 and consists of one of the stations’ transcontinental journeys to the 7 continents. The museum is specifically addressing an open call to the wider public on Thursday the 8th of October.

Keryoon Han, From Right to Left 2009 Nam June Paik, Wrap Around the World 1988 Kim Joon, Cradle Song-Blue Fish 2009

The Streaming Museum ( which launched in 2008, is a new hybrid museum of the 21st century which presents in real time exhibitions through cyber-space and through public space in 7 continents. The exhibition’s program is designed by the founding director of the museum Nina Colosi, in collaboration with international artists and cultural institutes. The online museum consists of cultural material based on social and artistic issues that are offered for free through the Internet.