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Everblock: Life-Sized Legos To Create Your Dream House!

everblock 1

Yes, you can now make the house you always dreamt of, since you were a child. Everblock is the new edition of Lego. Not exactly, but this is how we could describe it. It’s a series of oversized blocks, that can create any life-sized construction you want. Walls, room dividers (much easier than this one), furniture. Almost anything. There are 4 kinds of bricks -a full-sized 12-inch block, a half-sized 6-inch block, a one-quarter-sized 3-inch block, and a 12-inch finishing cap- and the only thing you need to complete any construction you may want is your hands.

everblock 4

Arnon Rosan is the person behinf these plastic bricks and as you can guess he is a Lego lover. He came up with the idea thanks to his son, who wanted to have a material to make life-sized items, and change it whenever he may wanted to. So he thought that there was no better way to do that than enlarging an already-acclaimed project, Legos.

You can have your own Everblocks by checking their online shop.