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“Fabricated Realism” by Alex Roulette

Brooklyn-based artist Alex Roulette completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and graphic design from Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, having already exhibited his artworks long before as he has been part of group and solo shows since 2005 all over the United States.

Alex Roulette creates hyper-realistic paintings that look like they’re created from photographs, but his most recent series titled “Fabricated Realism” all the landscapes and subjects are actually invented. Roulette is creating events and places and people that never existed. The artworks all seem to have an underlying sense something sinister or, at least, brooding. Like something is waiting in the wings. They are cinematic and haunting – even when they depict fairly innocent scenes.

My current series of paintings depict fabricated American landscapes. The invented landscapes arise from archetypal citations of past and present cultural influences. By creating the paintings using a conjuncture of various photographic references, I continue to explore the distinctions between photographic and painted space.

Source: LifeLounge