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Francois Abelanet: qui croire optical illusion land art

“Vous êtes ailleurs” ou à l’Hôtel de Ville ? by mairiedeparis

“Qui croire?” (who to believe?) is a work of land art by french artist Francois Abelanet situated in front of the steps of Paris’ City Hall in the center of a garden dedicated to urban trees. It is actually a 3D anamorphosis of about 100 meters in length, requiring 1200 square meters of lawn, 300 square meters of the coverplant sedum and 650 cubic meters of sand and straw resembling like a huge and round mass of grass of sand similar to a planet/sphere. For 5 days, about ninety individuals assisted in installing the work. Abélanet states for his work:“we live in a world where one hears the debates of ecologists, scientists, manufacturers… I simply wanted to note the problem of the tree and invite people to question the place that it, nature, and the environment have in their lives.

Source: Design Bloom