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Functional Design Stores For Fashion Brand Theory By Nendo Team


Oki Sato is the chief architect behind Nendo design studio. He is well known for his work; with a MA in architecture and various prizes on his CV list. Recently he designed nine unique shops for the brand Theory. The brand was established in 1997 and is famous for the comfortable and minimal clothes one can find. The shops are located in the following cities: New York, Paris, London, Osaka, Tokyo and Beijing. The interior design of all the stores was based in the same concept. They wanted to represent the flow of the cars during traffic. They achieved this by using different props and mannequins in order to define the meaning of the term ‘’traffic’’. They paid great attention to the changing rooms and made them spacious and comfortable so the customers can spend as much time as possible in there! You can have a look at the outcome below.

Ria Maidoni

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