Art & Design

Glassorganism by Bohyun Yoon


Glassorganism is Bohyun Yoon’s latest art work. Inspired by an historical Japanese toy named Popen, which is noisemaker made of glass, the Glassorganism is an art project where the sound of the glass toys is combined with the light projections created by their flexible surfaces which create interchangeable concave and convex lens. As Yoon says, Glassorganism visualizes “the proliferation of microorganisms, the interaction of various luminous sea creatures, or even the impact explosions of the stars in the cosmos.”

Yoon has many projects and exhibition to his credit while he is an assistant professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University of Richmond. Yoon also states: “My work poses the question: how does reality becomes exquisitely animated by certain social control systems such as politics, mass media, technology, science, and etc. It is my artistic goal to reveal how human beings are fragile and delicate in these social environments.”

Watch Glassorganism in the following video: