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Graffiti that can be seen only from a certain angle


The street-art duo called Zebrating, in German it means ‘making the zebra’, has been producing amazing graffiti that can be viewed only form a certain angle. The artists are from Mannheim, Germany, and they use a stripping technique-like zebras, to produce that effect.  Most of their work can be seen in Mannheim, but they have started to work on other cities like Berlin and Stuttgart.

Text: Ioanna Karagiorgou

Graffiti-that-can-only-be-seen-from-certain-angles-2-640x604 Graffiti-that-can-only-be-seen-from-certain-angles-4-640x418 Graffiti-that-can-only-be-seen-from-certain-angles-6-640x408 Graffiti-that-can-only-be-seen-from-certain-angles-7-640x408 Graffiti-that-can-only-be-seen-from-certain-angles-8-640x479 Hidden-Railing-Street-Art0-640x409