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Iconic Toys by Jason Freeny


Jason Freeny is an artist who is related with sculpture. In other words, we would characterize him as an iconic, surreal toy designer. His toys are unique because of their anatomical structure. Freeny designs popular and mass toys, half regular image and half their inner anatomical image. He is going to take part in Comic Con New York tomorrow.

It isn’t a matter of luck that Freeny is unique and imaginative at every project he designs, as he was surrounded by his two sisters and hippie parents, his mother a Go-go dancer costume designer and his father a professor of painting and sculpture at the University of Maryland. He was inspired by Pop, modern and surrealist art as well as Saturday morning cartoons.

Freeny’s designs not only do not make bad impressions on kids, who stare at the new mass heroes (barbie, lego, hello kitty) being in a different way, but they also impress adults and make everyone else thing about reality with no heroes included. It is a statement that his art is not related to kids. Through surrealism, he achieves to structure a real image of what the inner body is like, and that is exactly the thing that makes him successful.

* Words by Kristel Liakou