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IKEA Changes One of Its Trademarks

ikea frakta

[The classical blue-yellow Frakta gets a makeover]

We all know it. We have at least one. Besides the Frakta bag has always been known for its durability and noone has ever used only for his IKEA purchases. The fact that a 0.99 € bag that could handle up to 25 kgs, made it the most popular product of the Swedish giant.

The bag, presented for the first time back in 1996, can be used anywhere. From the grocery store to the beach. But it was never wuite fashionable. And it’s about time this thing changed as well. In collaboration with Danish Hay, a new bag is here to replace the old one.

ikea frakta a

Insetead of yellow and blue, there has been a choicce of forest green and white, while there is no apparent branding on it. The propylene of which the bag has been so far made of, is replaced by a thin fabric. Its price won’t change much and it will be pretty much the same with other such tote bags, found in stores, while it’s unclear when it will be available.

The classic Frakta will be still available, while the new one will make its way towards becoming IKEA’s new trademark!

ikea frakta new