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Inside Fashion Designer Philip Lim’s Renovated New York Apartment


It’s not only Alexander Wang, celebrating his label’s tenth anniversary this year. It’s Philip Lim as well! And he is celebrating by renovating his New York loft. Having moved there seven years ago, he decided to turn it into a two-bedroom apartment, by purchasing the neighboring space, as well. So, he started designing the changes alongside design guru Tyler Hays’s New York studio, BDDW, which weren’t so difficult, despite his hectic schedule. “As a designer, I’m trained to produce every 45 days, so this was easy and fun.”, he says to The Wall Street Journal about his century old apartment.

The designer’s art collection is a real treasure, since it consists of sculptures by former fashion designer Helmut Lang, a Richard Serra sculpture -the first major artwork Lim has ever bought-, and five Cy Twombly artworks.

Take a look at the spacious apartment below.

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