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Anny Papadimitriou

Anny Papadimitriou

A printed textile designer; at just 27 years old she has already worked with a number of Greek and international designers, including Vrettos Vrettakos and with the house of Roberto Cavalli, where for two and a half years she was responsible for all the prints. Enter the name: Having just returned to Greece she reflects her creative ideas on colourful fabrics and in doing so reveals the innumerable forms of print.

Do you consider yourself an artist, painter or designer?
For sure there is something artistic in what I do but I am neither an artist nor a painter; I’m a fabric designer. It is something very new for Greece and can still be confusing for people. That was why I did the «From Textile to Art» show in Technopolis. I wanted to enlighten the public, with my own work, about the art of fabric.

What inspires you and how do you make a print?
I am a very visual type; I’m inspired by everyday things that ultimately build and anything goes! For my current exhibit my inspiration was very specific: I found some amazing caricatures by my grandfather. He had depicted his friends who were leaving for the war in 1922 … I ‘shuffled’ the ideas into my own drawings, along with old maps and bright, oppositional colours. It was then computerized and sent for printing on fabric in Glasgow.

How would you describe your job in three words?
Bold, colourful, busy; much is happening in every print!

What are you doing these days?
I continue to freelance with Vrettakos and with LAK. I also make wallpaper for the group “3922” in cooperation with Carteco. I’ll start projects with Vasilis Zulia soon and will attempt to experiment with what can be done with the interior of a house: objects, prints on canvas for the wall, pillows … I even try to “dress” vases and platters!

What has been your experience with designers and the big (design) houses?
I learned a lot; perhaps even more than I learned while at the Royal College of Art where I did a Masters’. The good thing for me is that I can easily adapt to the needs of each house and designer. I give my personal opinion, but also make prints that match the tone of each… So I know when I need to do something more floral, more minimal or more eccentric. My work is “behind the scenes” and I like it.

Could you ever become a “psycho killer”? How would you choose to kill your victims?

I never could become such a thing, primarily because I wouldn’t be able to live with the idea that I did that. I am the remorseful type. If, however, I did choose to kill someone it would have to involve the least blood possible; I hate blood… I guess poison would do it… or maybe choking?