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Introducing Silver. by Antonakis Christodoulou

antonakis Christodoulou

Using the story-within-a-story (mise en abyme) as a structural device, Aliki Panagiotopoulou curates Antonakis Christodoulou’s work as he guides us through the world of Silver, the teenage protagonist of the TV series 90210 (a spin-off of the famous teenage drama series of the ‘90s Beverly Hills, 90210).

Against a backdrop of eternal adolescence, using a prefabricated character as the central theme and the two artists’ friendship as a condition, the exhibition investigates the notion of authenticity of self and by extension of the work of art as it takes shape through continuous identifications, idealisations and disenchantments.

5 – 23 January 2011
Private view: Wednesday 5 January 2011 at 20:00
S.I.X.D.O.G.S. , Avramiotoυ 6 – 8 , Monastiraki , Athens

Antonakis Christodoulou

Antonakis Christodoulou