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Irving Penn and Issey Miyake: Visual Dialogue


From 16 September 2011-8 April 2012, 21_21 Design Sight, in Tokyo, will host an exhibition about two of the most legendary personalities in fashion industry, designer Issey Miyake in collaboration with photographer Irving Penn. The two gurus of image making were featured previously together in print but it is the first time that moving images, original drawings and collection posters are added as well as an animated film by Pascal Roulin with original drawings by Michael Crawford. Talking about the first time they collaborated for a clothing editorial in American Vogue, Miyake notes that “I was looking for the one person who could look at my clothing, hear my voice, and answer me back through his own creation. Without Penn’s guidance, I probably could not have continued to find new themes with which to challenge myself, nor could I have arrived at new solutions.” That is why all these years, Miyake never worried about Penn’s ideas and trusted him so much that he didn’t attend most of the photo shoots. Under the supervision of Midori Kitamura, Miyake’s trusted colleague, the exhibition features both the individual and collaborative work of Irving Penn and Issey Miyake and is surely a good reason to visit Japan.

Source: Blend