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Jaz’s Harold Bizarre World


Jaz Harold is a young New York-based artist with a rather surreal and queer taste. Her artwork is dominated by pastel shades as well as sexual undertones. Her goal is to limit the intimacy and taboos created by society towards sexuality. Having studied in School of Visual Arts, she really soon took up photography until she realised that her work was turning more towards Visual Art.

“I like three dimensional better because, unlike two dimensions, I don’t over explain it” Harold states, while supporting the individuality of her artwork. Being influenced by Japanese culture, eastern elements are also apparent in her artwork. Her recent works are rich with fabrics, yarns and pastel colors.

At this moment, her famous collection is hosted at Ark Sakura Solo Collecion, Brooklyn while it has appeared in magazines such as Nylon, Cracker your Wardrobe Magazine and Art Nouveau.