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“Karnival”: the new limited edition bottle by Absolut

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Channeling the forthcoming carnival celebrations in South America, Absolut launched a new flavored vodka accompanied with a limited edition vibrantly designed bottled.

Named “Karnival”, the new vodka is flavored with passion fruit and orange blossoms while the illustrations decorating the bottle are designed by Brazilian graphic artist and writer, Rafael Grampá who had experienced the carnival atmosphere first-hand. The illustrations depict five different figures inspired by the colorful costumes featured in the carnival’s parade. The artist who also collaborates with Absolut in its ongoing campaign “Transform Today” aimed in conveying the transformating power of the carnival. As he states: “When Absolut asked me to collaborate on Absolut Karnival, I saw it as an opportunity to express my love of a festival that lets everyone be free and equal. In Carnival, everyone celebrates together. There is a beautiful, unique and uncontrollable feeling that our differences can be put behind us. We become aware of our own power to change ourselves and the world. To evoke something of that in the bottle design, I knew it had to be colorful and cheerful. In the Carnival parade, normal people transform themselves into extraordinary things. I decided to try to represent that sense of transformation by putting the Carnival parade right onto the bottle.”

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