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Katharine Morling’s “paper” sculptures

poison pen Katharine Morlingsmaller

This is not a paper typing machine, even though it looks like it. It’s a ceramic by Katharine Morling.

Katharine Morling was studying psychology, until the day she entered the Pentwith College ceramic rooms. Ever since, she hasn’t stopped working on her ceramics, while she completed her Master Studies at the notorious Royal College of Art and Ceramics in 2009.

Her ceramics are known thanks to their actual size and their delicacy. The artist herself, describes them as 3d pictures, that are created through the means of ceramics. “Each piece, on the surface, an inanimate object, has been given layers of emotion and embedded with stories, which are open for interpretation in the viewer’s mind.”, states at her website. Each work leads to antother, since her research never ends.

Sha has been multiple times awarded for her work, which has been presented in exhibitions, either personal (most recently, at the Tera Delft Gallery, Netherlands), or group ones, in the UK, Sweden, USA, Korea and much more.

Katharine Morling,

katharine morling

Installation - Katharine Morlinghigh res_5