Art & Design

Kindergarten Susi Weigel in Bludenz, Austria


Kindergarten-Susi-Weigel-by-Bernardo-Bader-Architects_dezeen_ss_9Austrian architecture studio Bernardo Bader Architects designed Kindergarten Susi Weigel for the small town of Bludenz, Austria. It took after its name from the writer and illustrator Susi Weigel who lived and worked locally. The two-storey building has a raw concrete structure, which is left exposed in parts of the interior.




The team used local timber to clad the outer and some parts of the inner spaces, so as to warm up the environment, while a row of glass doors and big windows bring close both the children and the nature. Spaces are divided up into play rooms and classes to create a varied and stimulating environment. Weigel illustrated countless children’s books, and some of her original drawings were selected to decorate the interior.

Text: Iraklis Taxiarhis