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LANAMOUSS*: Jewelry For The Bohemian Amazon

lanamouss 1

For LANAMOUSS* it all started in 2011. It was the first time Varvi Mylona created a pair of earrings for herself, exactly how she wanted it to be. Ever since, she couldn’t stop getting in touch with elements, transforming them into what her dream persona would love to wear. Drawing inspiration from Ancient Egypt and mythology, LANA is a free, cynical and incompatible amazon, that does not suppress her soft and sensual side, her soul and feelings, in a few words her MOUSS*. She is more of a free bird, a bohemian living her own story, either sweet or bittersweet.

But jewelry is for the Greek designer the way she expresses herself. It’s the way every woman can express her attitude, mood and project her identity. This identity can make the same piece of jewelry look unique on her. And what is next for that woman is travel. And Varvi is aiming towards a future in new civilizations, where her jewelery will travel her brand. All thanks to that amazon, named LANAMOUSS*.

You can purchase your own LANAMOUSS* jewelry at OZON Boutique.