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Marcey Hawk’s breast paintings


These art paintings that attract interest not only for their aesthetic outcome but rather for the way in which they were created. The artist Marcey Hawk creates colorful abstract paintings using only her breasts. As she states, she was inspired to use that method when she saw a performance artist who covered her body in paint and rolled around on a sheet.  Now, Hawk has developed this method a lot and has even evolved it into five different sub-methods that include the “Just The Tip”, “Squish and Swirl”, “Whole Breast Print”, “Nipple Print” and “Titty Twerk”.

The art pieces by the American painter have gained much publicity and their prices have reached 500 dollars. In Hawk’s client list one can find celebrity names such as Hugh Hefner and Russel Brand, while a portion of the profits is being donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the fight against breast cancer.

Find Marcey Hawk’s painting here.