Art & Design

Maud Vantours Loves Paper


Paper for Maud Vantours is much more valuable as a material than usual. She is not regarding it as another suface of the 2d world, but as a potential 3d being.

Starting from a course series on textile design, the 29-year-old designer and visual artist from France has colour, graphics and material as the paramount elements of her creations. And that paramount material is none other than paper. She wraps it, cuts it, shapes it in such way, so as her 2d motif will gain volume, to be expressed in more than one facades.

Her collaborations with high-end brands up to everyday publications, are many, while her creations have been presented in many art galleries. They stand in the middle of design and art, and this is what makes them so special. They consist of such a cheap and common material, but Maud Vantours’ dedication and skills, turn paper into a unique work of art.

Maud Vantours,