Art & Design

Michal Mozolewski’s Haunting Portraits


Michal Mozolewski’s portraits are dark, mysterious, unique. The Polish artist merges photography with painting, presenting finally multi-layered pictures, conveying a repousse essence.

The procedure is quite simple. At first, he is scanning the photos and then comes the computer editing. By multiple filters, he is turning them into black and white images. By using a black background, he is “disappearing” some parts of them, while creating the feeling of nostalgia. And that’s the moment, when he is accenting selected face or body parts with random brush touches, which defy the linear rules and typical realistic forms, but lead to impressionistic paths.

The photographs’ dramatic ambience, after the digital editing, becomes even more tense after the application of the blue, red and white brush strokes. The edited image reminds of haunted literature heroes, who are impossible for the viewer to read and psychoanalyze. And that happens, because it’s the portrait the one analyzing the viewer. It transfers him without a fight to its own world, which may be sad; but it can be dreamy.