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Midnight On The Sun by Jay Howell & Mark Whalen @ FFDG

Today, the Los Angeles based artists Jay Howell & Mark Whalen (Kill Pixie) present their new exhibition entitled Midnight on the Sun at Fecal Face’s San Francisco Gallery(FFDG). Artist Jay Howell has been a strong presence in the Bay Area for the past few years, sharpening his cartoon-style drawings of skinny guys with erections, naked chicks on skateboards, dogs, beer, rockers, and endless good times. Mark Whalen has evolved into an artist whose meticulously crafted paintings and sculptures examine the human experience by exploring communication, emotion, sexuality, invention, interaction, and ritual – all with an undercurrent of quiet absurdity.

Tonight, then, more than 60 new paintings will be available to the public from 6 pm until 9 pm, as at the same time, will be announced and the release of Jay Howell first zine magazine, The Dark Wave, published by Unpiano Books & Mt.St.Mtn.

Source: Huh