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NYC Instagrammer Gets Arrested by NYPD for Climbing New York’s Tallest Residential Building


demidism is among the Outlaw Instagrammers of New York City. But what is this special thing that makes his actions illegal? In search of a breathtaking shot, he is climbing to places where he is not allowed to be or that are dangerous for himself.

After his latest adventure at the in-construction luxury tower of 432 Park Avenue, he was arrested and according to the NYPD, he has been charged with trespassing and reckless endangerment. The photos of the “urban historian” -this is how he calls himself- excite both his 7.850 followers and those who came to know him, after his adventure.

As he wrote, “I went to heaven and back” and there is no doubt it was worth it.

Take a look at deminism’s photos.