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Os Gemeos: Don’t believe the hype

Os Gemeos presents a fantastic new wall painting with the title ‘Don’t Believe The Hype’. The art-piece belongs to the exhibition ‘Viva la Revolucion: A dialogue with the urban landscape’ organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego that explores the communication between artists and the urban landscape.

The exhibition hosts work from 20 artists such as: Akay (Sweden), Banksy (U.K.), Blu (Italy), Mark Bradford (U.S.), William Cordova (U.S.), Date Farmers (U.S.), Stephan Doitschinoff [CALMA] (Brazil), Dr. Lakra (Mexico), Dzine (Puerto Rico), David Ellis (U.S.), FAILE (Canada), Shepard Fairey (U.S.), Invader (France), JR (France), Barry McGee (U.S.), Ryan McGinness (U.S.), Moris (Mexico), Os Gemeos (Brazil), Swoon (U.S.) and Vhils (Portugal).

Source: highsnobiety