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Pierre Cardin: An “Outer Space” Museum

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At the age of 92, the great French designer Pierre Cardin, famous due to his futuristic and innovative designs is still one of the most important people in the fashion industry.

After having worked for great fashion houses such as Dior, in 1953 he starts his own collection with clothes that impress from the very first moment. His fashion is characterised as outer space because of its geometric shapes and innovative lines. Cardin managed to stay in actuality due to his unique and timeless style as well as his charity work.

Today, his new museum at Le Marais District in Paris, the Past Present Future Museum. The exhibition contains more than 200 haute couture pieces that embrace the designer’s career since his first collection in 1953 until his iconic bubble dress. Between the exhibits we can find jewellery, hats, sunglasses as well as sketches and fabrics.

The museum tells the story of the artist who built his whole empire from nothing. Despite his huge success there were always people who could not understand his art. As the designer states ” There have always been people who thought that my taste is crazy. I can not tell you what they wrote and said but they did not understand my art. I was different, I was a non conformist”.