Art & Design

“Preservation is life” by Bryan McCormack

Text by Renata

Starting from the front of the Centre Pompidou in Paris and continuing until the sixth floor, Bryan McCormack’s installation creates a huge tunnel of colorful light bulbs for a magical effect. The colors change on each floor in order to create a dynamic rainbow of cylindrical lamps covered by plastic condoms. 80,000 bulbs compile the floor of condoms in the escalator of the Pompidou. The repetition of such a massive scale and the title “Preservation is life” provides a thoughtful message as part of  the annual Centre Pompidou campaign against AIDS.

The artist’s goal is to look beyond the primary functional purpose and see the condom as a subject through this symbolic art.
Alongside the visual installation you can hear the sound of the heartbeat, which emphasizes the concept of preservation, security and survival. The sound changes with colors ranging from the heartbeat of the fetus and evolving up until the sixth floor to the heartbeat of a 39 year old man, as the age of Bryan McCormack. The French title is “les sons de la vie” (sounds of life) is referring to this aspect of the installation.

The installation will last until December 5, however if someone wishes to get one of the plastic lamps they will be for sale by the design boutique.

Source: Cool Hunting