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Romain de Tirtoff’s 120th anniversary @ Martin Lawrence Gallery

The Martin Lawrence Gallery  honored the father of Art Deco, Romain de Tirtoff – commonly known as Ertè – for his 120th anniversary. Erte began his work in 1912 designing elaborate couture illustrations for the covers of Harper’s Bazaar and he continued to style detailed, luxurious designs for popular movies and celebrities. Later, in his career, Ertè had his designs molded into bronze sculptures and serigraphy. All this and more were presented in a retrospective exhibition held at the Martin Lawrence Gallery in SoHo. In addition to the exhibition, an elegant catalogue “Ertè: A Celebration,” was released featuring writings by Stella McCartney, Barbara Streisand, and Twiggy. The exhibition and catalogue was accompanied by the unveiling of The Clasp, a recreation of one of Ertè’s purses made in 1926 and by jeweler Stefano Canturi.

Source: White Wall