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Sa™ Origami Umbrella Without Support Skeleton


Matthew Waldman founder of the design brand Nooka and Justin Nagelberg founder of Parallelogram came up with a design idea, to make a durable, eco-friendly based on the philosophy of Origami, umbrella. The new geometric umbrella is named  Sa™ and has no metal inner skeleton, so that is lighter to carry. Also, since there are no exposed, moving components, the umbrella is stronger and will last longer. Furthermore, since the material is flexible when not in tension, it can easily bounce back into shape, even when exposed to high winds.

Waldman and Nagelberg produced the canopy out of just one material. Thanks to this, they manufactured the entire umbrella with highly recyclable and easily repairable materials. In addition to this, since the umbrella canopy is uni-body, it can be removed and replaced with another design or repaired easily. The futuristic umbrella is available in six colors (white, black, grey, cyan, yellow, magenta) and it will cost 69$.

* Words by Kristel Liakou

Sa™ Origami Umbrella Without Support Skeleton