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Say something nice

‘Stillspotting nyc’ is the name of a two -year multidisciplinary project that has already begun by Guggenheim museum in New York.Every three or five months a great many number of architects,designers,artists create and curate many events,installations or stillspots,which take place  into the streets of the city’s  boroughs,for instance Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens.A few days ago, Improv Everywhere’ team installed a wooden lectern with a megaphone holster with an attached sign on it ‘Say something nice’.When it comes to New York,it is commonly known that inhabitants or even tourists sometimes may feel isolated or ‘muffled’.Through this project,‘Improv Everywhere’ team wants to make people speak loud and say something that will make them feel more relaxed and comfortable in the city.

Source: Improv Everywhere