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Sebastian Bieniek: Doublefaced


Sebastian Bieniek (born April 24, 1975) is a German film director, artist, playwright and author. He was born in Czarnowasy, spent his childhood in Poland and before at age 13 he and his family emigrated to Germany. His interest in art, specifically painting, began very early and he had participated in numerous exhibitions by the age of 20. Braunschweig Collage of Art followed, with a major in photography and then a master of arts at the Berlin University of the Arts. His first videos were made at the Berlin University of the Arts. He worked abroad thereafter and received a working scholarship from the German-French youth work in Rennes, where many works were completed. Sebastian Bieniek began studies at the German Film and Television Academy  in 2002. In 2011, Bieniek wrote the book REALFAKE. This time, Bieniek takes his camera and captures the life of a… doublefaced girl. Enjoy…