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SIBLING (kn)it’s made in England


A few years ago three creative heads decided to launch a men’s knitwear label deriving from their passion for knitted garments.

Though all of the said is true, it doesn’t reflect the progressive spirit of SIBLING’s nature. I give it another go: When Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery founded SIBLING they wanted to give knitwear a kick in the arse. There was a huge gap in the market for unusual, exciting and fun men’s knitwear. “Knitwear on the whole is a bit boring” Sibling say, “and we want to change that. So the name SIBLING only makes sense. It sounds more dynamic and like something you could expand on in terms of collaboration and at the same time it phrases their deep camaraderie. But it also means getting into fights and shouting at each other like real siblings do, which in the end only adds up to their genius creations of clothes.

They showed their already third collection at London Fashion Week in September. The Spring/Summer season includes sequin leopard print Twinsets, skull optics on Bretons, Polo Shirts and Army Jackets – all knitted of course. Hundreds of metres of Swarovski crystal cup chains were used on the Kurt Glam Grunge Beano, a stripy jumper rendering homage to Mister Cobain and 90s grunge.

A video was shown alongside the fashion week presentation produced by This is Real Art ( The collages featured in the film reference artist Linder Sterling’s work but also graffiti pieces to be found on East London’s walls, on which animal heads are put on people’s bodies. That in conjunction with a late 70s/early 80s Punk feel, lots of color and an eccentric electro sound and what you get is a mesmerizing, eye catching 3 minute film. Thanks to YouTube and Vimeo people all around the globe are able to see the trio’s latest knits.

By now you must clearly see that there are recurring motifs going on within the spirit of SIBLING, from edgy designs to Punk and bold colour schemes. One might wonder if a brand as modern and progressive as SIBLING can only be from London, a city famous for its leading subcultures. And indeed the three of them agree that the label is very English. “Of course” they add, “we are English, we grew up with UK youth cultures. Our references are steeped in English culture.”

Cozette, famous for working the door at influential Ponystep and BoomBox parties in Paris and London, thinks that going out in these two cities is very different: “getting drunk, having lots of beer and wearing flamboyant outfits is very English. And of course that influences our work.”

And if you want to feel London’s flamboyance and excitement as well, SIBLING recommends to have a pint at East London’s George & Dragon Pub, Fish n’ Chips at Bistrotheque and a dance at any Richard Mortimer party. And bring yourself a nice piece of knitwear. Even in the summer. English weather, you know…

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Text by Oliver Arlt